JSI Tip 9516. You experience performance issues if your antivirus software scans Wsusscan.cab?

If your antivirus scans the Wsusscan.cab file, because it is copied to you computer, possibly by MBSA or SMS, you may experience:

- Low system resources that are not recoverable.
- Your virus scans terminate.
- 100% CPU utilization.
- Slow performance.

To workaround this behavior:

Configure your antivrus program to exclude Wsusscan.cab from the scan.

If your antivirus can't exclude a specific file, have it exclude the folder that contains Wsusscan.cab. If MBSA copied the file to your computer, exclude the %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\MBSA\2.0\Cache folder. If SMS copied the file to your computer, exclude the XXXXX.0 folder.

Lastly, if your antivirus can't do either of the above, disable the scanning of archives.

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