JSI Tip 9333. 'Replace in Files' freeware is a GUI application that performs a simple search and replace of strings in specified files.

Download rpl101e.exe and double-click it to install Replace in Files.

The Read Me contains:


Replace in Files Version 1.01 Read Me Yutaka Emura Emurasoft, Inc. http://www.emurasoft.com/ 4 May 2002




While editing HTML files, it is common to replace specific strings in all files with the same extensions in the same folder. "Replace in Files" is useful in this case. 'Replace in Files' can quickly replace specific strings in all files with the same extensions. You can specify whether to match cases and/or whether to make backups before you run. You can also cancel running. The 'Replace in Files' program is very small and won't waste your hard disk space or system resources. 'Replace in Files' is freeware. FILES


The following files will be created after you run the archive file and finish the setup. REPLALL.EXE ... Executable file of 'Replace in Files'. REPLALL.TXT ... This file. UNINSTAL.EXE ... Executable file for uninstalling. To run 'Replace in Files', you need an Intel or compatible CPU and Microsoft Windows XP/2000/ME/98/NT4/95. TO UNINSTALL


To uninstall 'Replace in Files', open the Control Panel, double click the \[Add/Remove Programs\] icon, select 'Replace in Files', and click the \[Add/Remove...\] button. TO RUN


To run 'Replace in Files', double click or choose the "Replace in Files" icon on the desktop or in the program sub menu from the Start menu. WARNINGS


Be careful when you run 'Replace in Files'. If you misoperate 'Replace in Files', your important files may be replaced. Even if you made backups, undoing the operation from the backups must be done by hand. Backups will be kept in the same folder as the original files with the extension ".bak". If the same file name already exists, they will be overwritten. 'Replace in Files' was designed so that it can be used for double-byte characters as well as ANSI characters in certain language versions of Windows, and replacing binary files may not have the results expected. We are sure of the quality of 'Replace in Files', but if there is any trouble, we cannot take any responsibility. HOW TO USE REPLACE IN FILES


When you run 'Replace in Files', you will see the 'Replace in Files' dialog box. The following is an explanation of each field. \[Find:\] Enter a string to search for. \[Replace with:\] Enter a string to replace with it. \[File Type:\] Choose a file type. You can use wild cards (*,?) but cannot specify more than two files with semicolons (;). \[In Folder:\] Enter a folder name to search. Click the \[...\] button to browse for a folder. \[Match Case\] When this is checked, uppercase and lowercase letters of the searched strings will be distinguished. \[Make Backups\] When this is checked, the backup files will be created. They will be kept in the same folder, with the extension ".bak". If there are backup files with the same name, they will be overwritten. When this check box is checked, the files with the extension ".bak" will not be searched. \[Replace Only Words\] When this is checked, only words will be replaced. A "Word" is defined as a string that begins and ends with any of these characters: 'A' - 'Z', 'a' - 'z', '0' - '9' or '_'. Strings surrounded by double-byte characters are words. \[Replace in Subfolders\] When this is checked, files in subfolders will be checked, searched, and replaced. Every time you start 'Replace in Files', this check box will not be checked. \[Replace All\] Click this button to start replacing a string in files. \[Close\] Click this button to finish 'Replace in Files'. You can also finish 'Replace in Files' by clicking the "x" at the top right-hand corner of the dialog box. To clear string histry in the boxes, uninstall and setup "Find in Files" again. Files with the read-only attribute will be skipped without prompts. Files larger than 4GB will also be skipped. TO GET LATEST INFORMATION


Visit the Emurasoft Home Page http://www.emurasoft.com/ to get the latest information and download the latest version. You can also find the text editor "EmEditor", a Notepad replacement. TO DISTRIBUTE

================================================= You can freely distribute 'Replace in Files'.

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