JSI Tip 9329. The Aloaha PDF Suite.

When I discovered the PDF Suite, I was so impressed that I applied for, and received, reseller authorization.

The JSI, Inc. Aloaha PDF Suite page contains:

Aloaha PDF Suite

The idea
Create searchable, vector based, high resolution PDF files with one click.               
Preserve the look and integrity of your original documents.
Share documents with anyone.
Avoid the use of a special printer driver.
Easy to use.
Give your PDF Documents a corporate design/letterhead.
More secure document exchange.
Protect your intellectual property!
Be affordable for small enterprises.
Archive your printouts. Retire your printer.
Retrieve your FAXes by mail.
Autoprint your PDF Documents without having a reader installed.
One step closer to the paperless office.
Be legally secure. Digitally Sign your documents as required in a majority of countries.
Less hardware and printing costs for your office. Retire your shared Printer.
Communicate across operating systems.
Preserve content integrity – keep fonts, images and ayout intact.
Exchange documents without having to be afraid of intellectual property theft.
Publish high resolution PDFs without high costs.
Publish your incoming FAXES to a Mailbox or Public Folder (FAX2MAIL/FAX2PDF)
Automatically print your PDF Documents.
No Acrobat or other PDF Libraries needed.

Feature List

Creates vector based, high resolution PDF Documents.
   Aloaha PDF files are searchable for words appearing in the text.
40 Bit and 128 Bit encryption supported.
   Nobody can edit/change your documents. Document proof!
Digital Signatures.
   USA residents should see the Uniform Transaction Act and Federal e-Sign Act.
   European resident should see the Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 13 December 1999 on a Community framework for electronic signatures.
Document protection.
   Aloaha Document protection covers document security and DRM (Digigal Rights Management).
   Document security focuses in the protection of content fidelity.
   Aloaha PDF Suite can be used to prohibit the extraction of text or images or disallow printing.
   By contrast, DRM focuses on limiting the distribution of documents and the protection of intellectual property.
Easy to use.
   Aloaha PDF files have more features to enhance usability than PDF files created from non-Aloaha applications
   — embedded fonts, color profile information for more accurate color rendition across different systems,
   as well as tags in the document that reflow the pages for different screen displays.
No Special Printer Driver or PDF Printer Driver needed.
Archives all your printouts to a public folder, directory or mailbox.
Attach PDFs to email after creation! MAPI and SMTP Mailer included.
Active Directory User lookups to email back the document to the creator in server mode.
No size limits. Just convert your 1 m x 1 m technical CAD drawings into PDF.
Share documents with anyone.
   Anyone can open PDF documents on any system — regardless of the software platform, the original application,
   or the availability of specific fonts — using free Adobe Reader® software.
Automatic Imposition of Stationery and Letterhead.
Watermarking included.
Preview Function.
Allows you to monitor and view your printer queue/s.
Preserve the look and integrity of your original documents.
   PDF files look exactly like the original pages and fulfill requirements for electronic filing and document security.
Can be used as a forensic tool to view printed queues (SPL).
Automatic text summarization of PDF documents.
Unattended / Server Mode for Batch Printing.
Posts your incoming FAXES as PDF to your exchange public folder or your mailbox.
Autoprint your generated PDF Documents.
No expensive Acrobat or PDF libraries needed!

For pricing, visit the JSI, Inc. PDF Suite page.

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