JSI Tip 9231. Windows Server 2003 SP1 supports Access-Based Enumeration of a shares sub-folders?

Prior to ABE (Access-Based Enumeration), a user who had access to a share could see all the shares sub-folders, even if they didn't have permission to read the sub-folder.

If you enable ABE on a share, users who don't have permission to read a sub-folder will NOT be able to see the sub-folder when they enumerate the share.

NOTE: See Windows Server 2003 Access-based Enumeration tool. NOTE: If you have redirected user folders at \\ServerName\Users, you can hide the other user's folders by enabling ABE on the share:

         shrflags \\ServerName\Users /abe true /forreal

When I type shrflgs /?, I receive:

ShrFlgs V01.00.01cpp Joe Richards ([email protected]) February 2005

 ShrFlgs \\server\share \[switches\]

  server         Server to work with.
  share          Share name to work on. If '.' is specified, ShrFlgs
                 will enumerate all shares and display or update them.

  Switches: (designated by - or /)
   -forreal               Really make changes.
   -noadmin               Don't display admin shares.
   -abe (true|false)      Set/clear access-based enumeration.
   -afd (true|false)      Set/clear allowed forced delete.
   -nscache (true|false)  Set/clear Namespace caching.
   -exclopen (true|false) Set/clear allow exclusive open.
   -csc xxx               Set client side caching mode.
      Valid values for xxx:
        none   - No offline caching
        auto   - All files opened by user will be cached.
        manual - User selected files will be cached.
        vdo    - All files opened by user will be cached, optimized.

  Note: Access-based enumeration requires at least Windows 2003 SP1.
        You will not get an error on earlier OS'es if you try to set
         ABE, it simply will not be set.

    shrflags \\server\sh1
      Display current settings for share sh1 on server
    shrflags \\server\.
      Display current settings for all shares on server
    shrflags \\server\sh1 /abe true /forreal
      Set access-based enumeration on share sh1 on server
    shrflags \\server\. /abe true /forreal
      Set access-based enumeration on all disk shares on server
    shrflags \\server\sh1 /abe false /forreal
      Set legacy enumeration on share sh1 on server

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