JSI Tip 9154. When you use your IntelliType or IntelliPoint CD-ROM to install your Microsoft keyboard, mouse, desktop set, or trackball software, the software is NOT installed?

In addition to the subject behavior, you may receive an error.

This behavior will occur if the product CD is defective.

To workaround this behavior, you can download the latest software for your keyboard, mouse, desktop set, or trackball from http://www.microsoft.com/hardware/mouseandkeyboard/Download.mspx

If you prefer, you can contact Microsoft Supplemental and Replacement Parts at (800) 360-7561.

NOTE: You may be asked to fax a copy of your purchase receipt.

NOTE: If you are unable to contact Microsoft at the above number, see How do I contact Microsoft Customer Server for information about replacement disks, manuals, licensing, etc...?

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