JSI Tip 8967. How do I prepare a tape for NTBackup to use?

NTBackup.exe can only use prepared tapes during a backup session.

There are two methods you can use to prepare new media for NTBackup.exe. You can use the Computer Management / Storage / Removable Storage GUI, or you and use the RSM Freemedia command.

Computer Management

The following procedure varies slightly based upon the operating system you are using:

1. Start / Run / Compmgmt.msc / OK.

2. Expand your way through Storage / Removable Storage / Physical Locations.

3. Expand the entry for your tape drive and expand it's Media icon.

4. Insert the tape to be prepared.

5. After RSM reads the tape, it is displayed in the media pool. A new tape is normally in Unrecognized.

6. Right-click the tape and press Prepare.

7. After the free media label is written, the tape should appear in the Free media pool.

8. Right-click the tape and press Eject.

RSM freemedia

Windows Server 2003 has the RSM Freemedia command built-in. The 831740 hotfix adds the RSM freemedia command to Windows 2000.

If the RSM freemedia command is available, prepare a tape using FreeMedia TapeString, where TapeString is any unique portion of the LIBRARY name.

NOTE: See How do I perform an NTBackup, without having to manually manage the media?

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