JSI Tip 8733. The Windows Server 2003 Windows Corporate Deployment Tools User’s Guide on the operating system CD-ROM contains some errors and omissions.

The Deploy.chm (Windows Corporate Deployment Tools User’s Guide) file needs the following corrections and additions:

Corrected default settings:

Component name       Default setting
appsrv_console             Off 
aspnet                     Off 
chat                       On 
complusnetwork             Off 
dtcnetwork                 Off 
iis_asp                    Off 
iis_internetdataconnector  Off 
iis_serversideincludes     Off

Omitted settings:

Component name       Default setting
licenseserver              Off
IEHardenAdmin              On
IEHardenUser               On
Inetprint                  Off
NOTE: See the following Microsoft articles:

Using Windows Server 2003 in a managed environment.

Designing answer file and Setup settings for unattended installations.

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