JSI Tip 8544. Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Product Overview.

The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Product Overview page contains:

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 helps provide you with the knowledge to avoid the avoidable–reducing the complexity associated with managing today's IT infrastructure environment and lowering the cost of operations. MOM 2005—a key component of the Dynamic Systems Initiative—provides manageability as part of the design and implementation of Windows Server System technologies. By delivering operational knowledge and subject expertise directly from the application developers, MOM 2005 helps simplify identification of issues, streamlines the process for determining the root cause of the problem, and facilitates quick resolution to restore services and to prevent potential IT problems. MOM 2005 helps businesses avoid common IT service woes, for example:

• "My application doesn't work!"
With MOM 2005 and the SQL Server 2000 Management Pack, potential database issues can be discovered quickly, allowing administrators to fix the issue before the user encounters a problem.

• "My e–mail takes forever!"
With MOM 2005 and the Exchange Server 2003 Management Pack, you can use synthetic transactions to monitor the latency experienced by Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Outlook Mobile Access, and Exchange ActiveSync technology. You can generate warning alerts when the latency is over a predetermined threshold, allowing administrators to address potential issues before they become reality.

• "I can't log on!"
With MOM 2005 and the Active Directory Management Pack, each Active Directory Domain Controller can be monitored to help ensure that tasks are configured correctly, site replication is occurring within reasonable thresholds, and end-to-end replication is occurring within service level agreements, reducing the number of logon failures.

In short, MOM 2005 delivers enterprise-class operations management to improve the efficiency of IT operations. Now you can spend less time managing crises and more time delivering new services to your business.

Review the table below for a summary of the key features in MOM 2005.

NOTE: Microsoft says:

"You can extend the built-in functionality and core capabilities of Microsoft Operations Manager with a wide range of non-Microsoft solutions. Check out what our partners have to offer.
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• Opalis

OpalisRobot reduces operational costs and improves availability by automating corrective actions and providing a graphical workflow environment to implement automated response procedures when alerts are created in Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM). The object-oriented interface eliminates the need to create, debug, and manage scripts while providing an easy way to capture, model, and automate manual IT tasks such as assimilation of information from disparate sources, analysis of data, and implementation of steps to remedy problems."

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