JSI Tip 8398. What device drivers are known to cause instability in Windows XP SP2?

Windows XP has a Driver Protection feature which prevents the operating system from loading device drivers that are known to cause stability problems.

The following device drivers have been added to the Driver Protection database, because they cause instability in Windows XP SP2:

Application/Driver Vendor Driver Binary       Match Criteria
Security Services & AV Driver Command Software       CSS-DVP.SYS Product Version <= AND Link Date <= 01/23/2004 16:08:00      
SMSC LPC Memory Stick Host Controller          Sony smscms.sys Link Date <= 09/02/2003 19:07:48
Virtual PC/Windows CE Emulator       Microsoft VPCAppSv.sys Product Version <= AND system is running in PAE or NX mode

For a complete list of drivers in the Driver Protection database, and for additional information about Driver Protection, see http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/winlogo/drvsign/drv_protect.mspx

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