JSI Tip 8303. When you use Cluster.exe on Windows Server 2003 to change the Cluster Service account password, you receive 'System error 1315 has occurred (0x00000523)'?

When you use Cluster.exe to perform the subject action, you receive:

Verifying cluster node availability...
Verifying support for password change operation...
Verifying that all clusters use the same service account...

Changing password on domain controller...
Failed to query cluster ClusterName.
System error 1315 has occurred (0x00000523).
The name provided is not a properly formed account name.

This problem will occur if you use the UPN (User Principal Name) format, like [email protected], to specify the Cluster service account.

To workaround this error, use the Domain\ClustAccount format.

NOTE: See How do I change the Windows Server 2003 Cluster Service account password?

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