JSI Tip 8286. How do I use the Find dialog in Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Users and Computers to search for objects?

To perform a search in Active Directory Users and Computers (Dsa,msc):

01. Right-click the domain name and press Find.

02. In the Find box, select the object category that you want to search for, from the following list:

Users, contacts, and groups
Shared Folders
Organizational units
Remote Installation Servers
Remote Installation  Clients
Common Queries
Custom Search
03. If trust relations provide access to multiple domains, you may use the In box to select a different domain.

04. Select the Advanced tab.

05. Select a Field from the drop-down list.

06. Select from the Condition drop-down list. If it does NOT include the Starts with or Ends with options, the Value box may have to contain the distinguished name of the object you are searching for.

07. Type the value into the Value box.

08. Press Add.

09. Repeat steps 05 - 08 to add additional searches to the list.

10. Press Find Now to generate the list of objects that match your specified conditions.

NOTE: See Disabled user accounts appear as enabled in Active Directory Users and Computers if a user does NOT have read access to the userAccountControl attribute?

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