JSI Tip 8193. How can I install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows Server 2003 from the CMD prompt?

To install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter in Windows Server 2003:

1. Download the Devcon.exe utility.

2. Double-click the downloaded Devcon.exe file and type the folder where you want the WinZip Self-Extractor to unzip the file to.

3. Press Unzip.

4. Press OK and close the dialog.

5. Open a CMD.EXE prompt.

6. Change (CD) to the i386 sub-directory of the folder you extracted Devcon.exe to.

7. Type devcon.exe install %windir%\inf\netloop.inf *msloop and press Enter.

8. When you see output similar to the following, close the CMD.EXE window:

Device node created. Install is complete when drivers are updated...
Updating drivers for *msloop from C:\WINDOWS\inf\netloop.inf.
Drivers updated successfully.

9. Verify that the Microsoft Loopback Adapter is installed by opening Network Connections in Control Panel.

NOTE: See How do I manage devices via a command line?

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