JSI Tip 8125. How do I specify the original folder when reinstalling Windows XP?

If you are installing Windows XP in preparation for a full restore, and Windows XP was not originally installed in Windows, it is necessary to install to the original folder.

When you install Windows XP by booting the CD-ROM, Setup does not allow you to specify the installation folder, which defaults to Windows, unless:

  • The Windows folder already exists.
  • The answer file for an unattended install contains the TargetPath= parameter.
  • You use the Advanced Options to change the location when running WinNT32.exe from a booted instance of Windows XP.

In addition to tip 5079 » How do I do a clean install of Windows XP into the original non-Windows folder name?, you can:

1. Boot the Windows XP installation CD-ROM.

2. Press R to start the Recovery Console.

3. Use the Diskpart command to partition the installation disk drive.

4. Use the Format command to format the installation partition.

5. Use the MD command to create a Windows folder.

6. Boot the Windows XP installation CD-ROM and perform the new install. When Setup discovers the Windows folder during text-mode setup, it will prompt you to overwrite the folder, or to press ESC to use a different folder.

7. Press ESC and change the folder name to match the original installation folder.

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