JSI Tip 8084. SETTZ.EXE is a freeware USA timezone utility, which will also set the time.

Download SETTZ.ZIP, and unzip SETTZ.EXE to a folder in your PATH.

SETTZ.TXT contains:

SETTZ.EXE - TimeZone configuration Utility : By Steven Wettberg
Syntax: SETTZ \[TIMEZONE #\] \[UNC\]
SETTZ sets the timezone of the computer. The time is automatically adjusted
according to the timezone bias for the selected timezone (see below).
You may optionally specify a UNC of a Windows NT machine, if this parameter 
is specified the local date & time are set using this machine as the source.
The UNC specified does not need to reside in the same timezone as the  
local machine.
Note: The computer is reset for automatic adjustment to Daylight Savings time.
            0 = Display current settings   4 = Mountain Time
            1 = Eastern Time               5 = Mountain Time (Arizona)
            2 = Eastern Time (Indiana)     6 = Pacific Time
            3 = Central Time
Example: SetTz 3 \\SomeServer
The example sets the local machine's timezone to Central Time and then
sets the time & date using \\SomeServer as the source.

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