JSI Tip 8053. 'Windows Update Web site is not available' message on Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

The subject behavior will occur if the Iuident.cab file in the Windows Update temp folder is corrupted or missing.

To resolve this problem:

1. Copy / Paste the Following to a FixIuident.bat file:

@echo on
if exist "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsUpdate\V4\temp\Iuident.cab" del /q "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsUpdate\V4\temp\Iuident.cab"
copy "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsUpdate\V4\Iuident.cab" "%ProgramFiles%\WindowsUpdate\V4\temp\*.*"
@ping -n 4>nul
2. Double-click the FixIuident.bat file.

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