JSI Tip 7870. Your DHCP clients cannot occasionally obtain an IP address from a 3rd-party DHCP server?

When the subject problem happens, restarting the client computer in a few minutes is often successful.

This behavior will occur if all of the following are true:

1. The client computer's DHCP lease has expired.

2. The IP address that the client was using is not currently available.

3. The 3rd-party DHCP server is configured to ignore duplicate DHCPDISCOVER (DHCP discover) messages.

When the lease has expired and the previous IP address is not available, modern Microsoft DHCP clients send three (3) DHCPDISCOVER messages. If the DHCP server is configured to ignore duplicate DHCP discover messages, the server only responds to the first message, which may prevent the client from obtaining a new lease.

To workaround this behavior, configure the 3rd-party DHCP server to NOT ignore duplicate DHCP discover messages.

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