JSI Tip 7851. How do I upgrade to FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions on an upgraded Windows Server 2003?

If you upgraded your server to Windows Server 2003, and an earlier version of FrontPage Server Extensions is installed:

01. Open Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

02. Press Add or Remove Programs.

03. Select Application Server and press Details.

04. Select Internet Information Services (IIS) and press Details.

05. Check the FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions box.

06. Press OK and OK.

07. Press Next.

08. If you are prompted for the Windows Server 2003 CD, insert the CD or browse to the installation files.

09. Press Finish.

10. Open a CMD.EXE prompt.

11. Type CD "c:\program files\common files\Microsoft shared\web server extensions\50\bin" and press Enter, where c: is the drive where FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions is installed.

12. Type owsadm.exe -o upgrade -p 80 -sp publish and press Enter, where 80 is the port of your virtual server. If you changed the default port, substitute the port number, or use an instance number like /LM/W3SVC/1 or /LM/W3SVC/3.

13. Type Exit and press Enter.

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