JSI Tip 7758. When you attempt to use Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to start a distributed transaction between linked Windows Server 2003 computers, you receive 'OLE DB provider SQLOLEDB was unable to begin a distributed transaction'?

In addition to the subject error, you may receive New transaction cannot enlist in the specified transaction coordinator on the OLE DB provider computer.

The problem occurs because Windows Server 2003 computers have MSDTC (Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator) disabled by default.

To resolve this problem, Enable network DTC access on both servers:

1. In Control Panel, press Add or Remove Programs.

2. Press Add/Remove Windows Components.

3. Select Application Server in the Components box and press Details.

4. Check the Enable network DTC access box.

5. Press OK.

6. Press Next.

7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

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