JSI Tip 7383. How do I determine the Advanced Power Management status of my computer?

Starting with Windows 2000, the Support Tools on the Windows CD-ROM have contained Apmstat.exe, which is used to determine the APM status of your computer.

NOTE: The Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Support Tools also contain Apmstat.exe.

When you type Apmstat /?, you receive:

apmstat \[-v\]
-v for vebose mode

The possible outputs include:

This is a multi-processor machine, APM does not work on MP machines, at all.

This is an ACPI machine, APM is NOT relevent on this machine.

This machine has an APM BIOS on the AutoEnable list, and the APM BIOS appears to be on. APM should have been autoenabled at install. However, APM may have been manually disabled. Check the APM tab in the Power applet in the Control Panel.

This machine has an APM BIOS present that looks OK, and it is not on the list of machines known to have APM problems. Check the Power applet in the Control Panel to see if APM is enabled.

NOTE: The last status will be displayed if the operating system cannot determine the computer's APM compliancy.

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