JSI Tip 7259. SeInteractiveLogonRight freeware will set the SeInteractiveLogonRight right and clear the SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight on the specified machine/user and machine/Everyone group.

Joe wrote this application "for a guy in UseNet who got locked out of a workstation after messing with local policy. It will set the SeInteractiveLogonRight and clear the SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight privileges for whatever ID is specified on whatever machine it is specified on and the Everyone well known group."

When you type seinteractivelogonright, you receive:

SeInteractiveLogonRight V00.10.00cpp [email protected]  September 2001

        Usage: seinteractivelogonright  \[TargetMachine\]
        Will set SeInteractiveLogonRight for account on targetmachine
        Will clear SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight for account on targetmachine

        Will remove Everyone well known group from SeDenyInteractiveLogonRight on targetmachine

        Example: seinteractivelogonright joehome\$jricha34 pro2

Code based off of MSDN Library code LSAPRIV

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