JSI Tip 7202. How do I use the command line to set Active Directory paths?

You can use the Ntdsutil utility to set the following Active Directory object paths:

Backup - to set the target for a disk-to-disk backup.

Database - to set the path of the Directory Service database.

Logs - to set the path of the Directory Services log files.

Working Directory - to set the path of the Directory Services working folder.

To perform these functions:

1. Restart your domain controller.

2. Press F8 after the BIOS information is displayed.

3. Use the DOWN ARROW key to select Directory Services Restore Mode .... and press Enter.

4. Use the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys to select your computer and press Enter.

5. Log on using the Directory Services administrator logon and password.

6. Start / Run / Ntdsutil / OK.

7. Type files and press Enter.

8. Type set path <object> <location> and press Enter. <object> is one of the four (4) Active Directory objects described at the begging of this tip, and <location> is the path of the object.

9. To exit the tool, type q and press enter.

NOTE: See How do I move the Active Directory database and/or log files to a different drive?

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