JSI Tip 7122. When you try to start a Windows 2000 service that didn't start automatically, you receive 'The user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer'?

When you start Windows 2000, a service that is configured to start Automatically does NOT start. When you try to start it manually, you receive the subject error message.

If you reset the password for the service's logon account, it will manually start, but fails during the next reboot.

These problems are symptomatic of a corrupted logon password registry entry.

To fix the problem:

01. Start / Run / Services.msc / OK.

02. If you had manually started the service, right-click the service name and press Stop.

03. Right-click the service and press Properties.

04. Select the Log On tab.

05. Check the Local System Account radial button and press Apply. This will delete the corrupted password entry.

06. Check the This account box and type the account name, or press the Browse button to locate it.

07. Enter the account password into the Password and Confirm password boxes.

08. Press Apply.

09. Press OK to close the Properties dialog.

10. Right-click the service name and press Start.

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