JSI Tip 7018. When you try to remove a <product update>, you receive 'If <product update> is removed, these programs may not run correctly'?

When you attempt to remove a <product update> by using the Add or Remove Programs applet in Control Panel, or the Spuninst.exe tool, you receive an error message that is similar to:

Setup detected the following programs on your computer:
<product update> details.
If <product update> is removed, these programs may not run correctly.
Do you want to continue?

This behavior will occur when you try to remove a <product update> if a more-recent <product update> has been installed on your computer. You must remove product updates in the reverse order that they were installed in.

If you are having a problem because a <product update> was removed in the incorrect order, you can use the Qfecheck.exe tool to determine which product updates are broken, and reinstall the broken product updates so that the correct file versions are installed.

NOTE: See How do I determine the order that product updates were installed on a computer?

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