JSI Tip 6515. Support WebCast: Microsoft Office XP: Installing Office XP on a Windows 2000 Terminal Server.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 817503 contains the following session summary:

This Support WebCast will talk about installing Microsoft Office XP on a Microsoft Windows 2000 Terminal Server. It will cover several topics, including what considerations you must take into account before installing Office XP on a Terminal Server. It will discuss the tools and processes that are available to help you with that installation. The WebCast will also review some of the common issues that Microsoft hears in calls to PSS. Other topics will include how to apply updates and how to troubleshoot problems. The WebCast will also provide information about related articles.

This is a Level 300 session that will be presented by Mark Plantenberg. Mark Plantenberg has been with Microsoft as an Office Deployment Engineer in Product Support Services since May 1999. He has worked with Premier and Professional customers in Office Deployment for the past three years. Mark has also been active in beta testing for Office 2000, Office XP, and now Office 2003. He has provided internal training for Office deployment and the Windows Installer and has presented several WebCasts for Office 2000 to Office XP deployment and patching. Before coming to work at Microsoft, Mark was a network administrator and worked with a Microsoft Partner to develop a business solution for auto dealerships.

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