JSI Tip 6348. Windows 2000 computers that were imaged by Sysprep.exe take longer to log on?

When you log on to a Windows 2000 computer that was imaged by Sysprep.exe, it may take longer to log on?

The Sysprep mini-wizard, which runs on the first startup after Sysprep, erroneously sets the MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval registry value to 0x1, which causes all policies, even the ones that haven't changed, to be reloaded, slowing down the startup / logon.

To fix this problem:

1. Use Regedit to navigate to:


where the \{GUID\} on my computer that contains the MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval Value Name is \{827D319E-6EAC-11D2-A4EA-00C04F79F83A\}.

2. Set the data value of the MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval Value Name, a REG_DWORD data type, to the default value of 0x3c0, using the hexadecimal radix or 960 minutes using the decimal radix.

3. Export this to a MaxNoGPOListChangesInterval.reg file, remove the extraneous data, and use it to fix the other imaged computers.

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