JSI Tip 6186. Your Windows NT 4.0 BDC will NOT replicate from the Windows 2000 PDC emulator?

On the Windows NT 4.0 BDC, check to see if the Netlogon service is started. If NOT, see if the System event log contains:

Event ID: 3210
Source: Netlogon
Description: Failed to authenticate with <ComputerName>, a Windows NT domain controller for domain <DomainName>. Data word: c0000022

NOTE: The event log on the PDC emulator may not contain an corresponding event, but replication is NOT occurring between the BDC and the PDC emulator.

To adjust this behavior:

1. Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Local Security Policy.

2. Double-click Local Policies.

3. Expand Security Options.

4. Double-click Additional restrictions for anonymous connections and select No access without explicit anonymous permissions.

5. Restart the member computer or domain controller to make the change effective.

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