JSI Tip 6175. Changing the binding order for [Remote Access connections] may cause some network utilities to use the wrong DNS server?

After you use the Advanced Settings dialog of the Network and Dial-up Connections tool to move  \[Remote Access connections\] to the top of the binding order, network utilities, like NSLookup, that use the DNS server associated with a dial-up networking connection, no longer default to the proper DNS server. 

NOTE: You would normally expect that network utilities to use the DNS server that is associated with the network device that has the highest binding order.

NOTE: For VPN connections, a client may not use the DNS server from the VPN connection if the default gateway is set to the remote connection.

To workaround this feature:

1. Use regedt32.exe on Windows 2000, or regedit.exe on Windows XP, to navigate to:


2. Double-click the Bind value name, a REG_MULT_SZ data type.

3. Click in the Multi-String Editor to de-select all the entries.

4. Select the \Device\NdisWanIp entry and press CTRL+X to Cut this item to the clipboard.

5. Click in front of the first device in the list and press CTRL+V to Paste \Device\NdisWanIp from the clipboard.

6. Press OK.

7. Exit the Registry Editor.

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