JSI Tip 5153. Windows NT replication fails due to improper account?

Directory replication fails and logs the following Application Event log errors:

   Event ID: 3222
   Source: Replicator
   Type: Error
   Description: Replicator could not access
                 due to system error 5.

   Event ID: 3216
   Source: Replicator
   Type: Error
   Description: System Error 2 occurred.

   Event ID: 3208
   Source: Replicator
   Type: Error
   Description: The replication service could not update Directory
                Scripts from the source on <MACHIONE_NAME> due to error 2.
The password for the replication account has changed.

To fix the problem:

1. Control Panel / Services.

2. Double-click the Directory Replicator service.

3. In the Log On As area, select This Account and type the user name that the replicator service should use. Enter the correct password and confirm it.

4. Complete the dialog.

5. STOP and Start the Directory Replicator service.

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