JSI Tip 4721. Freeware command-line SMTP mailer.

A significant number of tips on these pages alert you using the NET SEND command.

If you write a batch script that requires an alert, you could be notified via an email, using BLAT freeware.

After installing BLAT with blat -install mail.jsiinc.com [email protected] 3, I received:

Failed to open registry key for Blat profile , using default.
SMTP server set to mail.jsiinc.com, on port 25 with user [email protected], retry 3 time(s)

When I used blat c:\util\blatread.txt -to [email protected] -s "This is a BLAT test", the CMD window displayed:

Sending c:\util\blatread.txt to [email protected]
Subject:This is a BLAT test
Login name is [email protected]

Try number 1 of 3.
AND I received the email, containing the contents of c:\util\blatread.txt.

NOTE: See What options does BLAT, the freeware command-line SMTP mailer, support?

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