JSI Tip 4590. Windows XP Comparison Guide.

This guide is a copy of the Windows XP Comparison Guide. I quote:

Windows XP Professional gives you all the benefits of Windows XP Home Edition, plus additional remote access, security, performance, manageability and multi-lingual features that make it the operating system of choice for businesses of all sizes and people who demand the most out of their computing experience.

Key: Feature included = Feature included  Feature not included = Feature not included

Features Windows XP
Home Edition
Windows XP
All the features of Windows XP Home Edition
  • New user interface - makes it easy to find what you need when you need it.
  • A reliable foundation you can count on – keeps your computer up and running when you need it most.
  • Windows Media Player for Windows XP - single place for finding, playing, organizing, & storing digital media.
  • Network Setup Wizard - easily connect & share the computers and devices in your home.
  • Windows Messenger – the ultimate communications & collaboration tool with instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and application sharing.
  • Help & Support Center - easy to recover from problems and get help and support when you need it.
Feature included Feature included
Premier mobile support, providing access to information while you're on the go
Advanced laptop support (incl. ClearType support, DualView, power management improvements) - so you get as much work done while you are on the road as while you are in the office. Feature included Feature included
Wireless connections - automatic 802.1x wireless network configuration. Feature included Feature included
Remote Desktop – remotely access your Windows XP Professional PC, from another Windows PC, so you can work with all of your data and applications while away from your office. Feature not included Feature included
Offline Files and Folders - access to files & folders on a network share when disconnected from the server. Feature not included Feature included
Highly responsive with the power to work on multiple tasks at once
Fast start-up & power management improvements - faster boot and resume times. Feature included Feature included
Multitasking - allow multiple applications to run simultaneously. Feature included Feature included
Scalable processor support – up to two-way multi-processor support. Feature not included Feature included
Keeps your data secure and maintains your privacy
Internet Connection Firewall - automatically shields your PC from unauthorized access when you're on the Internet. Feature included Feature included
Internet Explorer 6 privacy support - maintain control over your personal information when visiting Web sites. Feature included Feature included
Encrypting File System - protects sensitive data in files that are stored on disk using the NTFS file system. Feature not included Feature included
Access Control – restrict access to selected files, applications, and other resources. Feature not included Feature included
Designed to work with Microsoft Windows Servers and management solutions
Centralized administration - join Windows XP Professional systems to a Windows Server domain to take advantage of the full range of powerful management and security tools. Feature not included Feature included
Group Policy - simplifies the administration of groups of users or computers. Feature not included Feature included
Software Installation and Maintenance – automatically install, configure, repair, or remove software applications. Feature not included Feature included
Roaming User Profiles - access to all your documents and settings no matter where you log on. Feature not included Feature included
Remote Installation Service (RIS) – support for remote operating system installations where desktops can be installed across the network. Feature not included Feature included
Communicate efficiently with others around the world
Single Worldwide Binary - enter text in any language and run any language version of Win32 applications on any language version of Windows XP. Feature included Feature included
Multi-lingual User Interface (MUI) add-on - change the user interface language to get localized dialog boxes, menus, help files, dictionaries, and proofing tools etc. Feature not included Feature included

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