JSI Tip 3337. Your recently promoted domain controller is slow to start up, and appears to hang at the Preparing network connections screen?

After you promote your Windows 2000 Server to a domain controller, using DCPROMO, the computer takes a long time to start up and seems to hang at the Preparing network connections screen?

This is likely to be a misconfigured DNS issue or the DNS server does NOT support dynamic DNS registration.

See tips:

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If you have a LAN and Internet adapter, make sure that your LAN adapter is bound first and that File and Print Sharing is unbound from the Internet adapter:

1. Press Start / Setting and double-click Network and Dial-up Connections.

2. On the Advanced menu, press Advanced Settings.

3. Select the Adapters and Bindings tab.

4. Select your LAN adapter in the Connections area and use the arrows to move it to the top of the list.

5. Select the Internet adapter in the Connections area and uncheck File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks.

6. Shutdown and restart your domain controller.

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