JSI Tip 3203. How do I search for printers in the Active Directory?

If you use the dsa.msc snap-in, you can see that manually published printers are listed using a ServerName-PrinterName format.

A printer search for ServerName* does not return any printers?

To find a printer in the Active Directory, search by the PrinterName.

If the printer was manually published, you can find it by searching on the share name.

If the printer is on a Windows 2000 computer, use the print queue name.

Active Directory Client users can search just like Windows 2000 users:

1. Start / Search / For Printers or Start / Find / Printers.

2. Using the In: box, toggle Entire Directory or a domain name.

3. Enter the parameters of the search.

4. Press Find Now.

5. You can right-click a printer and press Connect to install its' driver, or press Open to view the current printer que.

Note: The search parameters may be:

          - Null (empty).

          - The beginning of the Name and/or Location and/or Model.

          - Any string enclosed in Asterisks, *string* or *string1*string2*.

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