JSI Tip 3162. How do I limit my users to approved web sites, using IE 6.x?

If you are running IE 6.x on Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000, you can limit the sites that users can visit, if:

1. The users are NOT local Administrators.

2. You are NOT using a 3rd party Content Advisor.

NOTE: The settings in this tip are computer based and effect all users of the computer.

To enable this functionality via Content Advisor:

01. Save the following as ASCII text to %SystemRoot%\System32\noaccess.rat, using Notepad:

((PICS-version 1.0)
 (rating-system "http://www.microsoft.com") 
 (rating-service "http://www.microsoft.com") 
 (name "Noaccess") 
 (description "This file will block all sites.") 
  (transmit-as "m") 
  (name "Yes") 
   (name "Level 0:   No Setting") 
   (description "No Setting") 
   (value 0) ) 
   (name "Level 1:   No Setting") 
   (description "No Setting") 
   (value 1) ) ))
02. Control Panel / Internet Options.

03. Select the Content tab.

04. Press Enable. If see a Disable button, you are already using Content Advisor and may loose your settings. To proceed, press the Settings button instead of the Enable button.

05. Select the Content Advisor / General tab and press the Rating Systems button, removing all existing entries.

06. Press Add and select the Noaccess rating system.

07. Press OK to close the Rating Systems window.

08. Select the Approved Sites tab.

09. Enter the URL of an approved site, http://www.jsiinc.com, and press Always.

10. Add other sites.

11. Leave all the default settings. If you previously used Content Advisor, select the:

    General tab and make sure that Users can see sites that have no rating is NOT checked.

    Advanced tab and set the Ratings bureau list box to \[None\].

12. Press Apply and OK.

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