JSI Tip 2734 How do I manage items in the Windows 2000 right click context menu?

When you right click an object in Windows 2000 Explorer, you are presented with a context menu.

You can manage these items in Windows 2000 Explorer by using the Tools / Folder Options / File Types tab.

You can also manage the Open context use the command line, tip 108 - Manage file associations from the command line.

The results of these tools are stored in the registry as HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, an alias for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes, keys. Each file extension has .xxx key, with a <No Name> value that points to a file type (FType) key. The FType key has a Shell sub-key that defines context choices.

Additionaly, there are a number of special ContextMenuHandlers:

For items that show on individual files:


For items that show on individual files:


For items that show on individual folders:


For items that show on individual drives:


If you wish to remove these entries, export them to a .reg first, just in case.

You can manage the Open With context by refering to tip 2692.

See tip 2154 - How do I add the Copy To and Move To, that are on the Windows 2000 Explorer Toolbar, to each right-click context menu?

To manage the SendTo context, add or remove shortcuts from your SendTo folder.

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