JSI Tip 2656. CSNW and/or GSNW cause log on delay and/or logon script failure?

When the subject services are installed and a client logs on immediately after boot, they may experience a long delay and/or the logon script does not run.

This behavior is due to the Netlogon service starting before the NWCWorkstation service.

To fix the problem, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


Double-click the List value in the right hand pane and click in the Multi-String Editor box to deselect the items. Scroll the list and select the NetBIOSGroup line. Place your cursor at the end of this line and press Enter to insert a blank line. Type NetworkProvider and press OK. Navigate to:


On the Edit menu, Add Value name Group as a REG_SZ data type. Set the string to NetworkProvider.

Exit Regedt32 and restart your computer.

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