JSI Tip 2395. RSoon freeware.


Remote Soon scheduler v1.0 by Ed Ghiglieri - (c) MM (  [email protected])

Usage: rsoon \[\\ComputerName\] \[FutureDelaySeconds\] \[/i=Interactive\] \[JobName\]

FutureDelaySeconds: number of seconds in the future for the job to start

/I: set InteractiveAlways option - defaults OFF.

RSOON schedules a job to run in the near future, a number of seconds from now.
It is suggested that at least 120 seconds be providied to account for
TaskManager behaviour. RSOON resembles the AT command because
RSOON basically runs a suitable AT command, however it uses the remote computer
time settings as it basis. Using the remote time is practical when the
server is in a different time zone or the clocks might not be in synch.
If the command to be run has spaces in the command line the job name must
be enclosed in quotes.

        Examples : RSOON \\server 120 /i "net time \\a03dc17 /set /yes"
                   RSOON 120 "cmd /c c:\ent\util\dumpevt\dlogpdc.bat"
                   RSOON 120 /i c:\neta\scan\scanit.bat
                   RSOON \\server 180 c:\neta\scan\scanit.bat

Download RSoon.zip.

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