JSI Tip 1615. Freeware utility sets the default printer from the command line or in a batch.

Download DEFPRINT.ZIP and unzip it.

DEFPRINT /P displays the installed printers. Example:

Found 2 printers

PrinterName: HP1600C
ServerName: (null)
PortName: LPT1:
DriverName: HP DeskJet 1600C
PrintProcessor: winprint
ShareName: HP1600C

PrinterName: \\JSI005\HP OfficeJet
ServerName: \\JSI005
PortName: LPT1:
DriverName: HP OfficeJet
PrintProcessor: winprint
ShareName: HPOffice
To set a default printer, type:

DEFPRINT /D <PrinterShare> or DEFPRINT /D <LOCAL PORT>. Examples:

DEFPRINT /D LPT1: displays:

Found 2 printers
Changing default printer... 
DEFPRINT /D HP1600C is equivalent, as HP1600C is local and is connected on LPT1:.

To set the default to the HP OfficeJet on the JSI005 Workstation:


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