JSI Tip 1212. SBS clients can't find the SBS PDC or any resources registered with WINS?

The SBS setup configures the DHCP scope as 10.0.0.x with a subnet mask of It does not setup the addresses for the WINS server, DNS, or the default gateway (router).

Use DHCP Manager / Options to set global options (applies to all subnets). If you have a router, you configure that as a Scope option:

Option 003 Router: Add the address of the SBS server's NIC, 
Option 015 Domain Name: Enter your Internet registered domain name, if any. 
Option 044 Wins/NBNS servers: Add the SBS NIC's address two times, 
Option 046 WINS/NBT Node Type: Set your preferred node type, 0x8 (h-node) or 0x4 (m-node).
No restart is required. To force clients to use the new information:

Windows NT

At a CMD prompt, type: IPCONFIG /renew
Type IPCONFIG /all | MORE to check if the information was received.


Using Winipcfg.exe, select the NIC and click Renew.
Click More Info to verify that the information was received.

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