JSI Tip 10526. A program on Windows Server 2003 can no longer access the registry on a remote computer?

After you install SP1 (Service Pack 1) on Windows Server 2003, any process that attempts to access the registry on a remote computer will fail unless it has elevated security rights.

This behavior is the result of security changes in SP1.

To workaround this behavior, you can use the Runas command on the remote computer to start the program as an administrator, or you can use CPAU freeware and specify the password on the command-line.

You can also use the Credential Manager to cache appropriate credentials on the local computer and associate these credentials with the remote computer:

1. Open Control Panel / User Accounts.

2. Select the Advanced tab.

3. Press Manage Passwords.

4. Press Add.

5. In the Server box, enter the ServerName of the remote computer.

6. Type a user name with elevated credentials that will run the program in the User name box.

7. Type the password for the user name you entered in step 6 in to the Password box.

8. Press OK, Close, OK.

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