JSI Tip 10506. When recipients of a Windows Storage Server 2003 Storage Report open it in Outlook Express, they see a red X instead of an image?

When you use e-mail on a Windows Storage Server to send a Storage Report, recipients that open the report in Outlook Express see a red X instead of each image in the report.

This behavior occurs because Outlook Express incorrectly copies the images to the temporary folder.

To workaround this problem, either use Outlook to view the Storage Report, or use the following procedure:

1. Open the e-mail that contains the Storage Report in Outlook Express.

2. On the File menu, press Save Attachments.

3. Specify a location for the Storage Report and press Save.

4. On the File menu, press Save As. If you receive the following error, press Yes: One or more of the pictures in this message could not be found. When you send this message these pictures will not be included. Are you sure you want to send this message?

5. Select HTML files (*.htm;*.html) in the type box.

6. Save the e-mail message as Storage_Report_name.htm. Save the e-mail message in the same folder you used to save the attachment (step 3).

7. Close Outlook Express.

8. Open the folder that contains the Storage_Report_name.htm. file, using Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer.

9. Double-click the Storage_Report_name.htm file.

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