JSI Tip 10375. The COMPRESS.EXE Resource Kit utility.

The Resource Kit installs the COMPRESS.EXE utilty.

When you open a CMD.EXE window and type compress /?, you receive:


   COMPRESS \[-R\] \[-D\] \[-S\] \[ -Z | -ZX \] Source Destination
   COMPRESS -R \[-D\] \[-S\] \[ -Z | -ZX \] Source \[Destination\]

   Compresses one or more files.

Parameter List:
   -R           Rename compressed files.

   -D           Update compressed files only if out of date.

   -S           Suppress copyright information.

   -ZX          LZX compression. This is default compression.

   -Z           MS-ZIP compression.

   Source       Source file specification. Wildcards may be

   Destination  Destination file | path specification.
                Destination may be a directory. If Source is
                multiple files and -r is not specified,
                Destination must be a directory.

    COMPRESS temp.txt compressed.txt
    COMPRESS -R *.*
    COMPRESS -R *.exe *.dll compressed_dir
When I typed compress -S -Z C:\ZIPNEW\kbLast.txt c:\zipnew\Kblast.tx_, I received:
Compressing C:\ZIPNEW\kbLast.txt to c:\zipnew\Kblast.tx_ using MS-ZIP compression.
C:\ZIPNEW\kbLast.txt: 2602738 bytes compressed to 832278 bytes, 69% savings.

Total savings: 1 files, 2602738 bytes compressed to 832278 bytes, 67% savings.

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