JSI Tip 0299 - How to install a Windows 95 print driver.

When you create a new printer on your Windows NT print server, you can install a Windows 95 driver for use by Windows 95 clients. Log on to the print server with an Administrative account and click Start/Settings/Printers. Double-click the Add Printers icon. Click on My Computer/Next. Select the Port and click Next. Select the Print Device and click Next. Name the Print Device and click Next. Click Shared, type the ShareName, and select Windows 95 from the list of operating systems.

1. Insert the Windows 95 CD-ROM.

2. Create a directory. We will call it W95print.

3. At a command prompt, switch to the W95print directory.

4. type:

          <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\extract.exe /e <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\precopy2.cab *.*
          <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\extract.exe /e <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\win95_09.cab *.*
          <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\extract.exe /e <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\win95_10.cab *.*
          <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\extract.exe /e <CD-ROM Drive:>\win95\win95_15.cab *.*   (OEMSR2 only)

NOTE: Some OEMs may change these file names.

5. Point to the W95print directory. If you know the .Inf file you need, select it from this directory, otherwise select the Msprint.inf file and it will show a list of all the printer drivers that come with Windows 95.

NOTE: You may be prompted to locate a fourth cabinet file, win95_11.cab, to complete the driver installation. If so, expand it as above.

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