I've reached 40 - 45 users and additional users can't log onto Terminal Server?

A. If you have more than 40 users you should increase the amount of PTEs (page table entries) on the system.

Microsoft says that you should increase this if you'll have more than 45 connections. But I've seen that this can be a problem with less users as well. TSE Memory Manager allocates 10,000 PTEs as default. TSE uses PTEs to map the location of physical memory pages. Each user who logs on to TSE requires a minimum of 200 PTEs.

If the PTE pool is exhausted, additional users will not be able to log on. The maximum allowed limit of PTEs are 50,000.

To change the number of PTE's on the system see Q. How do I increase the number of Page Table Entries on my system?

TAGS: Windows 8
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