It’s a Festivus Miracle: Microsoft Band Gets Music Control, Activity Reminders, Exercise Categories

It’s a Festivus Miracle: Microsoft Band Gets Music Control, Activity Reminders, Exercise Categories

Microsoft continues to improve an already fantastic device. I’ve been a Microsoft Band user since version 1 and version 2 has brought welcome improvements.

Not yet ready for installation, Microsoft will soon be delivering an update to the Microsoft Band that brings three big features and customer asks.

UPDATE: The features are now available. See Walkthrough the New Band v2 Features for an overview.

P.S. Microsoft's announcement says "for the NEW Band" which means you should assume these features are ONLY for Band v2. However, its not exactly clear and I've reached out to my sources to see if Band v1 might get some of these new features. I know how you all like to nitpick! :)

UPDATE: As I surmised, the new features rolling out today are only for Band v2. Band v1 will not be getting these updates.

Three big features coming in this update:

On-screen Music controls -  In addition to providing on-screen controls for your smartphone music directly on the Band, Microsoft has also partnered with Spotify.

Activity Reminders – A new function for activities allow you to configure time intervals and specific days to be reminded that it’s time to get up and move. You can also configure not to be reminded during certain times including while sleeping or driving.

Categories for the Exercise Tile – You’ll now be able to categorize your exercise activities, so that they are recorded as the type of actual exercise in the Health app or web Dashboard. For example, setup a ‘weight lifting’ category for the Exercise Tile and choose that when performing the specific exercise type. After the activity is completed and the Band synchs next time, the activity will show up as “Weight Lifting” in both the Health app and the web Dashboard, making it easier to identify and track specific activities.

The music controls and the activity reminders were once only provided through 3rd party add-on apps, but now available as integrated features.

When these features officially rollout, we’ll write-up how to use them.

Microsoft Band v2 is $246 from Amazon: Microsoft Band 2

Source: Microsoft

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