The IT Pro Weekly Wrap-up for June 5, 2015 Microsoft News Service

The IT Pro Weekly Wrap-up for June 5, 2015

Each week we wrap up all the best and popular content from our family of technology sites, including WindowsITProSupersiteSQL Server ProDev ProSharePoint Pro, and We produce a lot of valuable information daily and weekly and if you blink you'll probably miss something important. So, this is our way of making sure you get the most for your loyal readership in a quick and easily consumable fashion.

Here we go…


Windows IT Pro

The Windows IT Pro community is the heartbeat of the IT professional world. A leading destination for the gathering of people, content and resources, Windows IT Pro is focused on technologies and applications implemented and integrated across on-premises and the Cloud.

Granular administrative roles appear in Office 365

Exchange Exposed #4: Exchange 2016 and the future of on-premises IT

Microsoft planning to support and contribute to OpenSSH

Q. How can I create an IaaSVM using Azure Resource Manager?

Q. If I use ExpressRoute Premium do I pay for cross-region bandwidth?

Q. What rules need to be enabled to allow Azure AD Application Proxy communication through Network Security Groups?

Managing user mailboxes to specific quotas with retention policies

Q. Can an Azure resource be in more than one Resource Group?

Q. How can I manage Azure VMs from System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2?

Q. When I deploy System Center Update Rollups, why do I have to manually run SQL update scripts for some components?

Security Sense: Browsers Are Increasingly Holding Websites Accountable for Poor Security

Reading between the lines: Windows 10’s big future in China

Microsoft planning to support and contribute to OpenSSH

Q. How can I view available images in Azure using ARM?

Q. Will Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V support nested virtualization?

Q. When creating an IaaS v2 VM under ARM can I use existing non-ARM storage accounts and virtual networks?



SuperSite for Windows is the top online destination for business technology professionals who buy, manage and use technology to drive business - whether its Microsoft’s Windows, other Microsoft business solutions or those of its competitors.

Office 2016 on Windows Preview updated

Windows 10 will be available on 29 July 2015

Microsoft reveals retail price of Windows 10 Home and Pro editions

Windows 10 official specifications and deprecated features

Windows 10 Availability Tidbits

Windows 10 upgrade will pre-download to reserved systems

Make your Windows 10 reservation in Windows Update

The Windows 10 hardware ecosystem

Windows 10 can be clean installed during and after free upgrade

How to stop the Windows 10 Upgrade from downloading on your system

Gallery: Windows 10 Upgrade Notice on Windows 7

Did Newegg reveal the cost and release date of Windows 10 Professional?

Microsoft's acquisition of Wunderlist maker expands cross platform offerings


SQL Server Pro

SQL Server Pro covers the issues that matter to SQL Server database administrators, developers, and architects, as well as BI professionals. SQL Server users at all levels, from novice to advanced, will learn practical, hands-on information straight from SQL Server experts.


Q & A: How can I recover my sa Password?

What is Coming in SQL Server 2016 for Business Intelligence

Power BI Preview Gaining Market Momentum

Gathering Data About Your v12 Azure SQL Database

How to Dramatically Decrease Data Warehouse Load Times with Memory-Optimized Tables


SharePoint Pro

SharePoint Pro helps developers, admins, business analysts, and IT pros learn to plan for, architect, deploy, develop, and manage SharePoint and Office 365.

DOJ Taps Box for File, Content Sharing


myITforum is a community of worldwide IT professionals that visit each day to find solutions to problems they face.  These answers come in the form of articles, self-help forum posts, self-help email discussion lists, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) database, blog posts, and online media such as videos and podcasts.

SCCM 2012 R2 Installation Guide

UI++ XML Builder Script

Curing the SAP Overpayment Syndrome


Did you read through that all? Give yourself a hand — and then go give your brain a break because it's surely full.

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