Is it possible to install NT without using boot disks or temp files?

A. A. On many new BIOS's it is possible to specify an IDE CD-ROM as a boot device and the latest versions of the NT installation media have the files needed to boot directly from the CD-ROM. If you BIOS does support the CD-ROM as a boot device just insert the CD and boot the computer.

If you have a SCSI CD-ROM Drive, it can be booted from the CD if the SCSI Bios (such as from Adaptec) support it.

If you cannot boot from the CD-ROM, you can either have it not using disks (winnt(32) /b) or not using temp files but not both.

On the Alpha platform, it is possible to boot from the retail or MSDN CD of NT 4.0 and install so no boot disks or temp files are used.

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