Investing in USB Type C Peripherals

Investing in USB Type C Peripherals

I own only a single device (Lumia 950) that utilizes a USB Type-C, but I’m hoping to own more in the future. And, considering a lot of manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll have replaced my current gadgets with ones that have the new type of connector.

Beyond the quicker charging, to me the real beauty of this connector is not having to squint to figure out how to insert the cable into the connector. So, easy even a caveman can do it – or something like that.

But, even though the connector type is newer and I only have one device, I figured out pretty quickly that I needed to reinvest again into acquiring the proper peripherals to support the Lumia 950 (and whatever comes next). Things like car chargers, desktop chargers, Lumia to PC connections, etc.

Here’s what I’ve invested in so far…

To me, the list seems too small, but I’m at a loss so far at what I might be missing. Time will tell. Of course, as I add new USB Type C compatible devices, I’ll need to bump up my cable investment. And, as you can see from my list, I’ve taken pains to guarantee that my replacement peripherals support earlier versions of USB, too. This ensures that I’m not bulking up my travel gear by carrying duplicate hardware.

Have you started the trek to replacing older USB peripherals with the new USB Type C yet?

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