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International PowerShell User Group Day

Mark your calendars! March 19, 2012 will be INTERNATIONAL POWERSHELL USER GROUP DAY 2012!

This day will attempt to shine a bright light on the world's PowerShell user groups. I'll be arranging a special Internet broadcast that user groups can "tune in to" during their live meetings - including a presentation by myself, by Microsoft's Scripting Guy (Ed Wilson), and hopefully someone from the PowerShell team as well. Numerous vendors will be creating special offers for user group members. I'm also working with Microsoft regional Technical Evangelists to try and hold ad-hoc events in cities that don't have their own PowerShell User Group already.

The only way to participate will be to join a user group - even a "virtual" online group. The goal is to highlight the value of having a local, in-person community of colleagues and peers.

The hope is that many user groups will be able to reschedule their March 2012 meeting for this special event, and that they'll supplement the live broadcast with their own local presentations, script clubs, and more. Many PowerShell MVPs will make themselves available for presentations - and of course, many PowerShell MVPs are already founding members of PowerShell user groups worldwide.

PowerShellGroups.org will be the central hub for information on this special event. User groups should register themselves there, and post meeting announcements and other details. Vendor offers and so forth will be made available primarily to user groups registered on PowerShellGroups.org.

I'm looking forward to helping make this an awesome event, highlighting the value and fun that local user groups (and virtual ones!) can offer. Get involved!

For more information, visit http://powershellgroup.org/content/international-powershell-user-group-day.

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