Intermedia Makes Music Management Easy

Intermedia Design announced Helium 2 v1.7.7, a Windows program for managing and playing your music collection. Helium 2 facilitates everyday music management and helps you easily find particular songs or albums. You can browse your entire audio file collection in several ways: You can browse all your albums by using thumbnail images of album covers, or you can view your music collection by artist, album, genre, year, or rating. Helium 2 comes with many automated functions, including an array of tools and wizards that you can use to quickly and easily add artist and album information to music files. The Lyrics Tag Editor automatically retrieves lyrics and applies them to your files. A function to extract artist and album information from filenames is also included, as well as the File Rename Wizard that you can use to easily rename your files.

Helium 2 supports music CDs and audio files in the formats MP3, Ogg Vorbis (OGG), Windows Media Audio (WMA), MusePack (MPC), and MPEG Plus (MP+). Included in the Helium 2 installer is the freeware player Radon, which tightly interacts with Helium 2 and lets you play your music files and manage multiple playlists.

Helium 2 costs $35. For more information about Helium 2, contact Intermedia Design.

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