Infographic: Recycling Instead of Dumping Electronic Waste

Infographic: Recycling Instead of Dumping Electronic Waste

The old industry buzzword, e-Waste, has resurfaced again and it appears that we've done a good job solving this problem.

Industry buzzwords come and industry buzzwords go. Sometimes they are transformed into an entirely new buzzword. Sometimes they are forgotten because something newer and cooler comes along. And, sometimes the buzzword disappears completely, apparently because a problem has been solved. When's the last time you heard Efficient IT or Green IT? Those buzzwords just kind of fell away, almost giving credence to the theory that the Earth could be flat.

One of those buzzwords, E-Waste, has resurfaced again in Infographic below. In this case, it appears that we're actually doing a good job attempting to solve this hot-button issue from several years ago. E-Waste is such an older term that CRTs (remember them?) are still identified in the original Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE), a European community directive from 2002. Yeah, it's that old.

Still it's nice to get an update to see that a) it was not forgotten, and b) it has seen significant success.

Click the image for the full-size view.

e-Waste Saved from Landfills in 2012
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